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2022 Pandemic Recovery Efforts Update:

Mayor Martha Guerrero has remained steadfast in her efforts to keep the city apprised of all state and county orders and to keep the community informed of important updates regarding infection rates and access to resources. Continually advocating to maintain and secure additional recovery effort funding, the mayor has been making the rounds at the federal, state and county levels by advocating for the city of West Sacramento at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the California League of Cities and on the homefront with Yolo County Board of Supervisors.


Economic Viability: From the onset of the COVID-19 shutdowns, Mayor Guerrero immediately engaged with officials at every level to bring in resources to bolster and preserve the local economy. Through direct engagement and aided by social media platforms, the mayor sought to place a spotlight on local businesses to help each thrive despite the economic downturn. Mayor Guerrero has been a strong supporter of the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce Supporting Dreams Initiative and plans to continue to support these types of pro-business initiatives critical to a thriving local economy.


Residents: The global pandemic resulted in the closure of many life-sustaining programs geared towards families in crisis and in need of food, shelter, clothing and other basic necessities. Working to secure grants to meet these urgent needs Mayor Guerrero worked to see the fruition of a West Sacramento Project RoomKey and its expansion Project Homekey. With the commencement of the call to shelter-in-place, Mayor Guerrero has been on the frontlines working shoulder to shoulder with the Yolo Food Bank and its volunteer-staffed food distribution operation. To expand these efforts and cast a wider safety net, Mayor Guerrero has been steadfast in urging city council members to direct city funds to programs which will serve those needs.


Health and Safety: Mayor Guerrero has kept in constant communication with county officials throughout the COVID-19 emergency operations. In response to incoming concerns, the mayor has sought to protect the health of the community by urging the citizenry to heed the safety protocols and recommendations coming from the local Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency and to take advantage of the many free and accessible vaccination and testing stations to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus and its variants.


One of Mayor Guerrero earliest accomplishments was to work with West Sacramento city officials to establish city hall as a COVID19 saliva-based PCR testing site. To boost vaccination rates within the city, Mayor Guerrero again partnered with Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency to launch a local Life-Jacket Give Away Drive where residents could quickly and easily get vaccinated while picking up a free life-jacket for the family. Council members followed suit and hosted similar events to further the effort. Protection of the city’s work staff has also been a top priority for Mayor Guerrero and she was vocal in her opposition to a proposed city janitorial contract until it was modified to include critical Cal-OSHA health guidelines designed to protect workers and the public upon entering public spaces within the city.


Expanding Access to Economic Opportunity & Development:

Mayor Guerrero’s work on the West Sacramento Planning Commission and the Economic Development Advisory Commission has helped to guide the revitalization of several projects in the city including urban mixed-use business and housing developments along the riverfront. The mayor’s long term plan includes strategies to attract new businesses and usher in affordable housing projects along the key corridors of the city in areas such as the Tower Bridge Gateway, West Capitol Avenue and Sacramento Avenue.


Several initiatives geared towards attracting more visitors into the city to shop and recreate include the Saturday NeighborGood Farmers Market, the Mobile Farmers Market, Rhythm on the River at The Barn and visiting attractions such as the Van Gogh Sacramento Exhibit: The Immersive Experience, Cirque Du Soleil Alegria, The Jurassic Quest Experience and more to come.


Mayor Guerrero has dedicated her career to advocacy on a number of fronts. She has worked to expand access to workforce training projects, to increase access to robust substance use disorder and mental wellness programs, to increased access to stable shelter for the unhoused and to initiatives in support of a thriving local business and economy.


A dedicated foot soldier in the fight to eliminate the devastating effects of poverty, the mayor is a steady supporter of a living wage and in encouraging the business community to hire locally whenever possible.


For residents of West Sacramento, Mayor Guerrero has expanded access to job opportunities and housing for unemployed parents through the CalWORKs subsidized employment program and through bolstering the construction trades apprenticeship programs.

Strengthen Community Programs Healthy Aging:

Mayor Guerrero will continue to work to seek out and secure investments that will ensure West Sacramento progresses in its goal to be an age-friendly and liveable community for all.

As former chair of the Aging Commission, Mayor Guerrero has advised on the development of Active Aging Services available through the city’s Community Center which includes transportation amongst the many offerings of benefit to our senior community and people with disabilities.

Mayor Guerrero recognizes that access to affordable housing is a universal concern and as such she will support age-friendly projects in alignment with the city’s membership with the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities.

Maintain Critical Flood Protection:

Through Mayor Guerrero’s advocacy, West Sacramento is on track to continue levee improvements to prevent a flood from levee failure.  Securing funding to ensure a 200-year level of flood protection to prevent a disaster to our City is her top priority. Due to advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill in collaboration with Congresswoman Doris Matsui, and with several partners, funding to continue Levee Projects has been placed on President Biden’s top three levee projects to fund in 2021 which was eventually approved by Congress.  The Yolo Bypass East Levee Project Design is on track to complete the design project. Her many years of experience in local government administration and advocacy at the city, county, state and federal levels has contributed to being vigilant and engaged with stakeholders.   She has worked closely with the local Reclamation Districts Board Members to oversee levee improvements, and lobbied in Washington, D.C. to advocate for federal funding.  Mayor Guerrero partnered with the regional interest who advocate for funding for flood protection. As President of the Reclamation District 900, she works closely with the Board and RD 900 staff to ensure the infrastructure to prevent flooding is maintained.

Transportation and Roads

Mayor Guerrero has fought in the City Council to expand public transportation accessible citywide and beyond city limits. It is a driving force for economic prosperity.  Although current transportation systems such as Via offer flexibility and access to local grocery stores and restaurants, barriers continue to exist to get to work and medical care appointments outside of the City. Therefore, she will utilize existing resources and funding to enhance public transportation by establishing the necessary partnerships and reduce barriers to strengthen the public transportation system around the City’s boundaries.  In addition, Mayor Guerrero urged passage of State funding to invest taxpayer dollars matched with other governmental funds to rehabilitate the City’s roads, enhance safe bike and pedestrian trails.  Recently, the West Capitol Avenue rehabilitation project has been completed, and crews have begun work to enhance bike and pedestrian access on Riverfront Street near the entrance of 80 freeway.  In addition, funding has been approved for additional road rehabilitation projects along Jefferson Blvd, Southport Parkway and Lake Washington Blvd.


Mayor Guerrero is also advocating at the State and Federal level to build the I street, convert the old I Street Bridge to a bike and pedestrian path, and build the Enterprise Bridge which will reduce congestion, gas emissions.

Strengthen Public Safety

Mayor Guerrero values the dedicated service provided by our firefighters and police officers. She respects their professionalism to protect and keep our community safe. As a social worker, she has advocated for effective programs to reduce homelessness, crisis calls, and youth recidivism rates. She was active on the Yolo County’s Local Mental Health Board and the Neighborhood Court Program. In 2014 she worked to establish the Crisis Intervention Program for a police officer and a mental health clinician team to respond to crisis intervention calls, thereby securing the successful long-standing work cultivated through Mark Sawyer, the clinician who works for the Police Department. Data shows this program has significantly reduced the frequency of police and fire department emergency calls by diverting individuals to primary care services.


In addition, her advocacy work has helped establish Yolo County’s First Responders Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic in West Sacramento.  In Mayor Guerrero’s years on the City Council, she nurtured a community-oriented police model to strengthen the law enforcement’s relationship with the businesses and residents. She strongly supports youth programs with law enforcement such as the summer youth academies, and summer night lights activities.


Mayor Guerrero accompanies WSPD in police recreational activities to bolster the City’s engagement with at-risk youth.  Recent events have elevated the need for more work to reduce racial tensions.  Mayor Guerrero convened local leaders who serve at-risk youth, and vulnerable populations who experience frequent contact with law enforcement and identified programs to effectively reduce contact with law enforcement. WSPD has implemented (data portal), which enhances transparency on police activity. WSPD’s Police Chief has also established the Chief’s Advisory Board and a stakeholder input to open the lines of communication on police/community relations. She has prioritized investment in after-school/summer programs, free public transportation to promote positive interaction and engagement with youth citywide.

Ensure Transparency and Fiscal Accountability

Mayor Guerrero has rallied for policies and expenditures which are fiscally sound ensuring the City provides quality services. She has been vocal at City Hall for expenditures which serve the community-at-large, such as fixing roads, strengthening the levees, effective public transportation, meeting service-demands for requests from first responders, expanding outdoor venues such as parks and trails and has identified infrastructure modifications to improve our quality of life urging redirection of funding to meet those needs.  Mayor Guerrero has reached out to community members to engage them with issues of interest to enhance transparency in the decision-making process on Council Agendas.

High Speed Communications and Broadband

Broadband connectivity is in great demand in West Sacramento. It is a key factor to attract businesses in certain industries which can boost economic prosperity and the COVID-19 Pandemic has elevated the demand for internet use at homes. Mayor Guerrero has prioritized access to affordable or free internet services as a result of federal and state funding, she will vigorously invest resources to secure broadband infrastructure and include municipal conduits for underserved areas.

Work to Effectively Address Homelessness

In 2020, Mayor Guerrero’s tenacious effort to partner with city/county/community-based services to provide a whole-person care approach to effectively address homelessness was successfully implemented citywide with the implementation of the Mercy Supportive Housing Project. 95 people are now sheltered at this location.  In addition, the Mental Health Services Act provides us with the stable source of funding necessary for services to our homeless community members with mental health needs. For this reason, she supported Proposition 2, to help immediately free up the $2 billion dollars allocated by the 2016 No Place Like Home program to provide supportive housing services for homeless people with mental illnesses.  Mayor Guerrero’s legislative expertise on state funded programs has been a powerful resource for the partnership to acquire $1 billion in funding annually to fund homelessness through the Bringing California Home Coalition. In addition, Mayor Guerrero’s partnership with Yolo County helped to secure housing through Project Homekey and Roomkey for 169 unsheltered people, in 2021, the largest impact to house unsheltered people in the City’s history. Mayor Guerrero continues to advocate at the Federal, State and County level to acquire funding and build partnerships with local programs to serve our unsheltered people.


A public health approach better serves many homeless individuals living on the street due to existing serious mental illness or substance abuse conditions. Mayor Guerrero understands how trained staff more effectively reaches out to people experiencing homelessness, especially those with unique situations and needs who are not currently accessing public services. These resources will be delegated through outreach services at businesses, along West Capitol Avenue, schools and neighborhoods impacted by unsheltered homeless individuals.


Mayor Guerrero’s work in the Local Mental Health Board Yolo County has initiated a mental health court, a mental health and police officer clinician team, assertive community treatment, and a local mental health urgent care facility in West Sacramento.


Build Programs for Youth and Early Childhood Education

Throughout Mayor Guerrero’s time in West Sacramento, she has supported efforts to provide quality education and after-school programs for our youth. She spurred the expansion of the HomeRun Program for every youth to have access to a college education, skilled trade program, or job opportunities upon graduation from high-school.  She will work with the school district to establish programs that will help keep our youth involved in enrichment activities, support their education, develop leadership skills, as well as ensure their continued involvement in sports. In addition, she has worked on building pathways to higher education to secure opportunities for our residents to obtain fulfilling careers.


The incentives for community participation have resulted in an increase in deposits to existing Home Run accounts going from $0 in 2019 to over $21,000 in 2022.


The Home Run team is working with local potential employers and the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce to offer a set of digital micro-credentials focused on the most in-demand skills for entry-level workers. The credentials are quite rigorous with the learning content designed by the Education Design Lab in Washington, DC.


The micro-credentials will allow students to add to their savings accounts to apply towards future educational endeavors through the city’s Home Run Ready, Set, Save! Program.

The Home Run internship program was managed by an outside consultant until city staff took it in-house in 2019. This year, with the help of the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, we were able to offer over 70 positions with 28 different employers. Ultimately 36 continuing students and recent graduates were placed with 15 different employers. This partnership resulted in a 30% increase in student participation.

Climate Resilience

West Sacramento has been a hub to attract clean technology business, such as the Better Meat Company, Cummins Inc. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development, Shell’s Multi-Modal Hydrogen Station, Cemex’s Green Concrete, TurtleTree just to name a few.  


Several industries are investing resources to expand equitable access to solar panels among our homes who meet income-eligibility requirements with opportunities to train local residents to learn how to expand these resources through training and education. 


In addition, the City in partnership with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments will install 45 new electric fuel charging stations citywide through the Plug-In-Partnership Program.


The City expanded shared bike/scooter rentals, and plans are underway to expand bike and pedestrian trails citywide.  


The City’s Climate Action Plan is also being updated for release in the coming months after public input is gathered and shared among commissioners for final review.