Promote community programs for youth and healthy aging

As former chair of the Aging Commission, Martha has advised on the development of the Active Aging Services in the City’s Community Center along with special transportation, as well as other resources for the aged, blind and disabled residents. She will work to support age-friendly projects throughout our community to enforce the City’s designation as a certified member of AARP’s Network of Age-Friendly Community. In her profession, she strongly advocated for nutrition programs for the elderly, which resulted in $2 million statewide to augment the existing senior nutrition program to reduce food insecurity among our elderly.

Maintain critical flood protection

Martha brings many years of experience in local government administration and advocacy at the city, county, state and federal levels. As a result, she will have a unique set of skills that will assist in overseeing major levee improvements as well as transportation projects that require experienced and knowledgeable interaction with multi-jurisdictions.

Strengthen Public Safety

Martha values the dedicated service provided by our firefighters and police officers. She respects their professionalism to protect and keep our community safe. She will ensure safety personnel is paid well with the resources to meet the demands for their services.

Martha’s has also been a strong advocate to reduce recidivism rates. She is active on the Yolo County’s Local Mental Health Board and the Neighborhood Court Program. She has helped the City and County leaders establish a Community Intervention Program for a police officer and mental health clinician team to respond to crisis intervention calls. Data shows this program has significantly reduced the frequency of police and fire department emergency calls by diverting individuals to primary care services. In addition, her advocacy work has helped establish Yolo County’s First Responders Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic in West Sacramento.

Ensure Transparency and Fiscal Accountability

In Martha’s professional role advocating for the County on state budget issues, she has developed an in-depth knowledge of accountability in local government finance, managing fiscal operations, and employee compensation policy. She will ensure policies and expenditures are fiscally sound ensuring the City provides quality services.

Work to effectively address homelessness

Martha will establish a city/county/community-based services partnership to provide a whole-person care approach to effectively address homelessness citywide. Many homeless individuals who live on the street are best served in a public health approach because it often involves a serious mental illness or substance abuse condition. Martha understands how trained staff can connect better with people experiencing homelessness especially those who are not currently accessing public services with unique situation and needs. These resources will be delegated through outreach services at businesses, along West Capitol Avenue, schools and neighborhoods impacted by unsheltered homeless individuals.

Through Martha’s work on the Local Mental Health Board Yolo County has initiated a mental health court, mental health and police officer clinician team, assertive community treatment, and a local mental health urgent care facility in West Sacramento.

She has been active in securing government funding to address homelessness. She will tap the over $500 million in funding statewide to access housing support for families and youth. She will also utilize $50 million statewide to maintain the Social Security Insurance Advocacy Program which funds support to those with medical and mental illness conditions. The Mental Health Services Act provides us with a stable funding source for services to our homeless community members with mental health needs that is why she supports Proposition 2, which would help immediately free up the 2 billion dollars allocated by the 2016 No Place Like Home program to provide supportive housing services to homeless people with mental illnesses.

Her expertise will be a powerful resource for the partnership to implement these programs.

Build school programs for our youth and early childhood education

Martha has supported efforts to provide quality education and after-school programs for our youth. She will work with the school district to establish programs that will help keep our youth involved in enrichment activities, support their education, develop leadership skills, as well as ensure their continued involvement in sports. In addition, she will work on building pathways to higher education to secure opportunities for our residents to obtain fulfilling careers.